In December 2018, two Katies walked into Chicago’s General Assembly Women in Tech Breakfast, ready to present, listen and network. Little did they know that in doing so they would soon give life Pitch At Us: the nation’s premiere confidence agency for start-ups and c-suite clients.

KT: In December 2018, I was pleased to present a lightning talk at the General Assembly Women in Tech breakfast. As a storytelling coach, I love telling people How David Bowie is My Business Coach. As a 20+ year veteran stand-up comic with a background in documentary television production in addition to holding Masters in Education, I was excited to talk to the room about how finding their unique voice catapults their business. After working with clients in numerous industries, I was fascinated by the start-up community and knew that my storytelling coaching would benefit start-ups pitching for funding and c-suite executives who were preparing for keynote speeches. While business was thriving, however, I was missing someone who was a design and tech dynamo and a partner to grow my business with.

As luck would have it, there was another Katie was in the audience.

Katie: I came to General Assembly to network and meet other like-minded women. As a 10-year industry veteran, entrepreneur, mentor, and professor at Columbia Flashpoint College, I too was looking to expand my business and brand. I didn’t know it’d happen before breakfast!

Inspiration at First Sight

Katie: While seeing KT speak, I realized that we needed to work together. I had been searching for ways to add value to the services I offered, and was inspired to talk to KT after her presentation. While not knowing how KT would respond, I took the jump to start the conversation. I was inspired by watching KT and was drawn in by what she had to say. I wanted to match her fearlessness. At that point, I confidently leaned in and said: “I want to work with you, KT.”

The Pitches Assemble

When The Katies walked into the General Assembly breakfast that morning, they had no idea they would leave as The Pitches. After discussing their desire to reach their clients in a more valuable way, they discovered they each had unique strengths the other lacked. Katie Lord’s years of design innovation helped clients secure over $70 Million in funding in the past 6 years, through working both in design and marketing. KT Speetzen’s storytelling background both in the educational and commercial sector brought her customers not only a way to share their vision, but also a way to do so memorably. Together The Pitches saw their potential to infuse confidence into their client’s businesses, allowing them to connect with others and raise capital showcasing their organization’s authentic mission statements.

The Pitches are quick to remember that they have to walk their talk. As a business born from confident introductions, boldly going forward has been infused in every section of their organization. If KT didn’t have the confidence to stand in front of the General Assembly crowd that morning, Katie would never have seen her speak. If Katie hadn’t had the guts to approach KT after, they wouldn’t have been able to join forces and realize that two Katies are better than one. Through their work at Pitch At Us, The Pitches help their clients become the most dynamic and authentic people in the room. By being memorable and confident, The Pitches created an agency designed to ensure their clients are the same.